Vintage Peavey Amp & Cab Blowout!

From $125!

Ultra Amp - 5150 Slant
Full Half-Stack - $350 (or $200 apiece)

Classic 50 Head - 410 Cab/115 Cab
Full Stack - $350 (or $200 for amp/$125 per cab)

Classic 50 410 Combo - $200

Stereo Chorus 212 - $125

Stereo Chorus 400 - $150

Classic Chorus 212 - $125

Kitty Hawk M1 - $150


Surprisingly Killer Tones - Stupid-Low Prices!

We have been asked to liquidate a bunch of vintage Peavey amps and cabs ASAP! This gear was once a part of a top Los Angeles-based rehearsal facilities' rental offerings, but has since been replaced with newer gear. We have cranked everything up and it all works great. Some of the pieces are looking pretty ragged (especially the tweed Classic 50 stuff), and a couple items have a missing knob or two, BUT, we have priced this stuff with the quick turnover in mind, and we simply have not seen lower prices anywhere.

If you're looking for a new rig, an inexpensive second rig for the rehearsal hall, a cheap but reliable practice amp, or even some cool new tones for your studio arsenal, check this gear out right away! We think you might be very surprised at how good some of these pieces sound.

Check out this short vid for a quick overview:


Price List

Peavey Ultra Series Tube Head - $200
Peavey 5150 4 x 12 Slant Cab - $200
Or buy both for only $350!

Peavey Classic 50 Amp - $200
Peavey Classic Series 4 x 10 Cab - $125
Peavey Classic Series 1 x 15 Cab - $125
Or buy the full stack for only $350!
(Separate stack also available with two 4 x 10 cabs)

Peavey Classic 50 410 Combo - $200

Peavey Stereo Chorus 212 - $125

Peavey Stereo Chorus 400 - $150

Peavey Classic Chorus 212 - $125

Kitty Hawk M1 Amp - $150


We Can't Guarantee That Any of These Items Will Remain Available For Long at These Prices!


If you have any questions, or if you would like to arrange for purchase and pick-up,
e-mail us at for a quick response.


Thanks for looking!



2010 Killer Used Gear